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Japanese Serving Tray

This Tray is a sterling substitute to keep your food cold or hot and easily accessible when you need to serve yourself or someone else drink something, the black lacquer design is comeback with new, modern look. This serving Tray is for 2 or 4 people and comes with 2 nesting sets.

Rattan Storage Tray Basket
Japanese Plastic Lacquer Sushi Boat Serving Tray Many Size
Japanese Serving Tray And 4 Plate Set Plus 4 Ryukyu Urushi Bowls

Vintage Serving Tray Made In Japan

This set of four small serving trays is a peerless alternative to keep your kitchen organized and clean! They are effortless to clean and are top-notch addition to kitchen, this beautiful sabre-tailed gazelle wood serving Tray is an unequaled addition to kitchen. It is beautiful and stylish, peerless for holding gifts or tea while the tea is served, the gazelle wood is a vibrant green and is manufactured to look like a deadly monster. It is top-quality for any kitchen and can act as an ideal gift giving favourite, this beautiful silver pineapple serving Tray is fabricated in japan vintage mid century modern. It is fantastic for taking with you on your travels to on board your plane, the Japanese serving Tray sets are outstanding solution for any sushi maker. This set includes two porcelain sushi bowls with dangerous-looking designs on the sides, enticing for use in a restaurant, the sets also include two serving trays, terrific for takeout.