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Divided Serving Tray With Lid

This Divided serving Tray With Lid is a splendid surrogate to keep your tupperware in good condition; while also providing an extra Lid for straightforward cleaning, this Tray is unrivalled for tupperware size 4 x4 or 4 oz-24 pk. This tupperware Divided serving Tray With Lid is an unrivaled alternative to organize and store your tupperware.

NEW USA Vintage Tupperware 1708 Divided Veggie Relish & Dip Serving Tray w/ Lid

Divided Serving Tray With Lid Amazon

This divide serving Tray With Lid is a sensational substitute to keep your serving counter organized and healthy! The sleek white design is top-notch for any kitchen setting and the included Lid ensures that your drinks are always at hand, plus, the single use Lid means that you can easily get your drink from serving to serv without having to worry about lost drink details. This is a vintage serving Tray With lid, sterling for holding vegetable dip, the Tray is produced out of bamboo and renders a brown color. It is approx, h50 and is fabricated of metal. It is conjointly made of plastic, the top of the Tray grants a Lid that extends wheel design. The Tray also renders an and tumbler, the tumbler imparts functionality and can be used to measure teaspoons, tablespoons, and other ts measures. The divisional serving Tray With Lid is sterling for suitors who adore to store food in their tupperware, this Divided serving Tray is best-in-the-class for serving your delicious meals in peace. It grants a sleek and simple look to it, making it terrific for any tupperware product, the sleek and simple Lid makes it uncomplicated to understand what's inside, and the two different and brightly coloured designs on the Tray make it addition to kitchen. This divide serving Tray is a beneficial surrogate to keep your tupperware Lid clean and organized, the Lid is in like manner an unrivaled place to store your supplements. The Tray offers a comfortable position for uncomplicated pulling and the lids are basic to open, the Divided design makes it basic to fill and clean.