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Disposable Serving Trays

Introducing the serving trays from these trays are made from durable wavy tray 35 cm metal material and they are equipped with our own unique design, they are outstanding for use in your store. Plus, their price is unbeatable for facile value for your business.

Bulk Plastic Serving Trays

These 12 plastic serving trays are for the big kids at your party! They're large and first-rate for dealing with all the food, and they're clear so you can see what's what, plus, they're Disposable so you can be sure you're getting a good value. Our 12 plastic serving trays are beneficial for Disposable servers, they are sterling for serving up 12-14 people with a single the sleek design is puissant for any restaurant setting. Our trays are made of plastic and are environmentally friendly, our trays are straightforward to clean and are top-of-the-heap for any restaurant's dining area. These Disposable serving trays are our equivalent of the plastic trays found in most restaurants, they're highly efficient and basic to use, sterling for customers who ache to reduce their plastic waste. Our sturdy plastic serving trays are valuable for any meal, they're versatile - they can be used for eaters or coaster replacements - and they make a first-class desk or countertop toy! The stylish design and high-quality product make these trays beneficial for any kitchen.