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Decorative Wooden Serving Trays

Looking for a fun and stylish surrogate to add to your eatery décor? Go through our Decorative Wooden serving trays! These trays come in 17 x 13 inch size and are beneficial for any eating area, with easy-to-use metal handles, they're uncomplicated to take on and off of your plate. Plus, their Decorative Wooden material gives them an unique look and feel.

Serving Tray with Metal Handles 17 x 13 Inch - Decorative Wooden Serving Tray PI

Serving Tray with Metal Handles

By Crafti Besti


3 Tiered Tray Wooden Serving Stand By . Large Beaded Tray For Home Decor Display

3 Tiered Tray Wooden Serving

By Felt Creative Home Goods


American Heritage Wooden Patriotic Flag serving tray Decor 21
Scratch & Dent Hand Carved Pig Shaped Decorative Wooden Serving Tray 15 Inch
Wooden Serving Tray Board with Handles Fr Breakfast Food Dinner Coffee Decor NEW

Inexpensive Rustic Serving Trays

This rustic serving is prime for adding a touch of rust to your home serving tray table, the unique leaf-shaped design is to leave your guests wondering what all the action is about, and the center piece is exquisite for triangle-shaped salads or this gray serving tray is exquisite for your kitchen. It is manufactured of bamboo Wooden serving tray and offers handles to keep the tray stable, the tray is again clear so you can see the ingredients being served. This rustic wood tray serving tray is sterling for serving food with a touch of luxury, the stylish metal tray is top-of-the-heap for a beautiful serving tray. With a contemporary look, this tray is splendid for your kitchen, the top-of-the-heap coffee table tray for - your favorite coffee dishes - come in different shapes and sizes - just fill up the list of options below.