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30 Inch Round Serving Tray

This 30 Inch Round serving Tray is fabricated of bamboo wood and imparts handles 11, 8 inch. It is additionally 11, 8 Inch in diameter and provides a height of 12. 9 inch, it grants a weight of 10. 2 pound and is in like manner 10, 2 pound in weight. Drinks, or use as a baking dish.

40 Inch Round Serving Tray

This 40 Inch Round serving Tray is manufactured with a luxury of a rotating pallet serving tray, it is designed with a stylish and hand-made aesthetic in grey. The turntable dance between the grey and black is and making this serving Tray a first-class addition to your kitchen, this 30 Round serving Tray is handcrafted out of rotating pallet Tray material. It presents a lazy susan turntable handcrafted handle and a distressed look, the Tray is available in two colors: red or green. This handcrafted Tray is designed to help manage and store your food while you eat, the Round design is due to the fact that as food starts to rotate around it, it starts to Round out. The distressed rotating pallet Tray is likewise due to the fact that it needs to be move with noesis in order to avoid movement at the table, this handcrafted Round distressed rotating pallet serving Tray is sensational for busy families or businesses that need to keep all of their food in the fridge or pantry without having to carry any extra food around. The easy-to-use lazy susan turntable grey makes it straightforward to get all the food you need while still keeping it organized.